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The New York Facial Plastic Surgery Society is committed to charitable fund raising for the advancement of medical education in the care of indigent patients. As a group of physicians dedicated to the promotion of excellence in facial plastic surgical care, membership is drawn from surgical and medical specialties such as facial plastic and reconstructive surgery, otolaryngology, dermatology, oculoplastic surgery and ophthalmology.

May 2020 Dinner $150

Official invitation is sent to members 3 weeks prior to event.


May 2020 Dinner

2019 Annual Membership Dues $250

Please submit your 2019 membership dues.


2019 Annual Membership Dues

2020 Annual Membership Dues $250

Please submit your 2020 membership dues.


2020 Annual Membership Dues

Annual Dues + May 2020 Dinner $400

A convenient way to pay for the dinner and your annual membership dues in a single payment.


Annual Dues + May 2020 Dinner

For help or questions with your payment, please email [email protected].