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Fact Sheet

The American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS) is committed to ensuring patients make informed and educated decisions when undergoing facial plastic surgery. A reality show dedicated to giving average people an “extreme makeover” may be a ratings winner, but the AAFPRS suggests a more cautious approach and encourages the following for anyone considering facial cosmetic surgery:

  • have realistic expectations about surgery — facial plastic surgery is about enhancing the features you already have in order to feel better about yourself
  • look for a board-certified facial plastic surgeon and verify the surgeon’s credentials
  • consult with a surgeon and make sure you feel comfortable with their approach — the rapport that is established will be valuable in every stage of the surgical process
  • have a complete understanding of the surgery, including what the risks and benefits will be

A qualified facial plastic surgeon can help potential patients evaluate whether facial plastic surgery is the right choice for them. To find a qualified facial plastic surgeon in your area, call the Facial Plastic Surgery Information Service at 1-800-332-FACE or visit

Fact Sheet


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