High Tech Treatment Advice for a Walking-Down-the-Aisle-Glow

With all eyes on the bride, it’s no wonder she wants a glowing complexion on the most gazed upon day of her life. Some experts say that the secret to silky, wedding day skin is to start working on it right after the engagement. “This is the perfect time to establish new skincare habits,” says Dr. Dean Toriumi, president of the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS). “To begin, ask a facial plastic surgeon for an assessment – your surgeon is armed with treatments to control the signs of aging and improve skin’s clarity.”
The AAFPRS also recommends continuing with an at home treatment: wash twice a day with a gentle cleanser and use an a.m. moisturizer with SPF 15 and alpha-and-beta-hydroxy acids. At night, treat skin to a more intense moisturizer. But when things get too serious or when over the counter treatments aren’t working to rid fine lines, wrinkles or discolorations, it may be time to seek help from a pro.

“Treatments such as Botox and chemical peels continue to be popular options for brides, especially women in their 30′s and 40′s,” adds Dr. Toriumi. It’s no wonder then that this year the AAFPRS reported Botox as the most undergone-surgical procedure among women — with a 60 percent increase since 2000. Additionally, microdermabrasion, chemical peels, filler injections and laser resurfacing were also common non-surgical choices for women in 2001.

However, AAFPRS surgeons remind “Botoxed” and “chemical peeled” brides that such procedures should be done weeks in advance as swelling and redness may occur. Brides should also be well informed before undergoing any procedure, because no matter how minimal it may seem, it is still a medical technique that may have risks involved.