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Fact Sheet
Rhinoplasty (nose surgery)
Aesthetic surgery of the nose where cartilage and bone are reshaped and reconstructed; excess bone or cartilage may be removed. Breathing problems may be corrected in a combined aesthetic and functional procedure called “septorhinoplasty.” This procedure is best done after a young person has finished growing. This usually means age 13-15 for girls and after age 15 for boys, although treatment may be recommended at an earlier age if internal defects are present.
Mentoplasty (chin surgery)
A procedure to help balance a profile through insertion of a small plastic implant, which augments a receding chin. Mentoplasties are often done in conjunction with nose surgeries, and may be combined with liposuction or lipectomy procedures to remove excess fat from beneath the chin.
Dermabrasion (Skin Resurfacing)
A sanding procedure that is used to diminish severe cases of cystic acne that have failed to respond to other medical treatments. In some cases, a series of glycolic acid peels may be done to help clean the pores and prevent the production of new acne lesions.
Laserbrasion (Skin Resurfacing)
Another method of skin resurfacing procedures is by means of a device called a carbon dioxide laser. Laserbrasion has made it possible to treat deeper facial blemishes, various types of birthmarks and skin conditions like rosacea successfully. Infants and young children may be treated safely, thus minimizing some of the emotional trauma associated with disfiguring facial birthmarks. Dermabrasion, chemical peeling or laser therapy may be recommended for teens who want to smooth out deep scars left by acne.
Otoplasty (ear surgery)
A procedure to “pin back” protruding or overly prominent ears or to correct ear deformities. Ear procedures can reduce the size of the ears, refine their shape, or position them closer to the head. This surgery can be done as early age five or six.
Scar Revision Surgery
Procedures to help minimize visible facial scars that will not minimize with time. A variety of techniques may be used, and often it is necessary to use more than one procedure in sequence. Although no scar can be eliminated entirely, facial plastic surgeons have a number of techniques for making them less obvious and more easily camouflaged.
Facial Implants
Facial implants may be used to add definition to a teenager’s receding chin line. In cases where the cheekbones are underdeveloped, a small mid-face implant may be recommended. Facial implants are generally used after the patient has finished growing.
Orthognathic Surgery
This surgical procedure is often recommended for young people with severe problems with their “bite” or jaw alignment. This type of surgery is used to correct structural abnormalities of the jaw that impede normal function. In this case, the facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon often works in cooperation with the individual’s dentist, orthodontist, or oral/ maxillofacial surgeon to surgically reposition the upper or lower jaw. It is generally done after puberty.
Fact Sheet


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